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1) Utilize those trusty 5 W's— Woo, Wow, Wit, Wonder, and Wield!

2) Write for impact. (The for fun part is just bonus.)

3) Always find the unexpected twist.

4) Punctuation is my bitch.

5) Never forget: It's not about me. ALWAYS understand the assignment and audience.

6) If reading it out loud does not make me grin with pride, it's not done

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March First Time Thank you_902419

Matt, we're glad you stuck your neck out with a first gift to Marian University! Thank you for choosing to support Marian University , and welcome to our community of donors. "Firsts" are often exciting and fun milestones in our lives—like recruiting the largest first-time, full-time class of freshmen students in Marian history during a global pandemic! When you support Marian, you share in the excitement and pride of all our successes. This first gift of yours DOES positively impact

Spring Forging Leaders Update_673389

James Pike, DO, president and chief executive officer of Pike Medical Consultants (PMC), and founding chair, Dean's Advisory Board for Marian University College of Osteopathic Medicine (MU-COM), gives more credit to chance for his accomplishments than he should. Medical school can be daunting enough. Throw in the parenting of six children and then a pregnancy halfway through, and that is just part of the inspiring journey of Ann Schmitt, DO '19. Schmitt is a family practice resident with

Campus Operations - maintenance and housekeeping services

© 2021 Marian University Notice of Nondiscrimination Marian University does not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, color, sex, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, creed, national origin, age or disabilities in the selection of administrative personnel, faculty and staff, and students. *Placement rates are gathered from data collected from graduates within six months of graduation. Students may make a complaint to the Indiana Commission of Higher Education. Ma


Grace Harmon ’22 thought it would be fun to celebrate her faith with 20,000 other students from around the country at the National Catholic Youth Conference (NCYC) in Indianapolis in 2017. For Harmon, at the time a senior from Jasper High School in Jasper, Indiana, that NCYC experience ended up being a pivotal part of her faith journey and college decision. She had already heard a little about the San Damiano Scholars for Church Leadership Program at Marian University from a teacher who had dau


Mary Rose Kozlowski Bailor ’70 regularly attended the daily 4 p.m. mass at Bishop Chartrand Memorial Chapel while a student at Marian College. “Something just pulled me there. At the time, I thought it was a nice demarcation at the end of my school day. In retrospect, I realize it was the spirit planting some good seeds,” Bailor said. She felt that spirit stirring again when she and her husband, Robert, returned to that chapel during a three-day visit to Marian University in October of 2020. T


Wayne Hoeing ’86 had no clear career aspirations when he came to Marian University as a first-generation college freshman from rural southeastern Indiana in 1982. He did know he could play baseball and that his mother believed the people of Marian would take good care of her son. What he did not know is just how much of a role Marian would play in shaping his future. The truth is he was a pretty good guy before he came here—already an athlete and student leader. But, besides the fact that he di

Indianapolis Attractions | Marian University

Marian University students love the City of Indianapolis because of the great events and attractions—not to mention outstanding internship and employment opportunities—Indy has to offer. From cool cultural districts with unique entertainment, shopping, and dining options to outdoor festivals, professional and amateur sports events, hiking and biking trails, and more, Marian University is conveniently located in the heart of it all. Looking for a fun place to hang out or something to do this wee


Ever since Julian Santos ’22 changed his mind about becoming a priest, he has been trying to catch up—financially, that is. He applied to Marian University with the intention of being a seminarian sponsored by the Glenmary Home Missioners outside Cincinnati, Ohio. He’s not the first college student to reconsider his choice of major, so that was not a big deal. The problem was that he really liked Marian and wanted to stay, but that meant a sudden scramble to secure scholarships and financial ai


As the first of 10 children and first-born son in his Irish Catholic family, Bill Sherman ’65 was supposed to become a priest. That turned out not to be his calling, but he remained committed to his faith and still managed to set an appropriate example for his nine siblings. In fact, most of them followed in his footsteps at Marian University, where Sherman ended up, basically, by accident. After an academically intense three years at Saint Meinrad High School in southern Indiana, Sherman techn


Scott Young ’98 purchased his first Marian University license plate on a whim, but he’s come to appreciate the decision on a much deeper level. “I like that people know I am connected to Marian. I’m making a donation and connecting to alumni, and it’s a marketing piece, too,” Young said. According to Young, the license plate program is just one of many reasons to be proud of and excited about Marian University. Young was appointed to Marian’s Board of Trustees this year. “I’m at a point in my

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